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My dream is to help you achieve yours.

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Life is unique for every person, and we're all dealt a different hand. My journey is different from yours, and my experiences are unique. But as vastly different as they may be, there are many life lessons that span those differences. And so, we have the ability to learn from our experiences and then from one another. So with this, I hope that by experiencing a bit of me, you may experience a little kindness, encouragement, and wisdom along the way.

Richard Anthony Klein Ovink


My Book On Sale



Read about the 8 amazing principles that have helped so many people get more out of life. The principles are wrapped around practical ways to achieve them for anyone.


I'm nearly 60, and I wish I'd had the opportunity to read this 30 years ago. I learnt and challenged so much of who I am, and understand more of why I think and navigate through life the way I do.

Rob Scholtens

I've loved Legacies. Richards examples and stories are inspiring and motivate me to live my life applying these principles. I'm going to read it again.

Lucy Stuttle

"I love your book legacies. You're inspiring and encouraging. I've began to apply some of the principles to my life and am thankful to you for opening up yours and sharing your stories, those stories that I believe everyone can relate too."

Bianca Richardson

Business & personal skills training
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It's a safe & encouraging journey of creating change. Change at the deepest level. Learn more about how others have benefited from the enlightening, profound & practical programmes and sessions we run.


Life can be a challenge. So, how can you best navigate the valleys and the mountains to succeed?

Let me join your journey to help you navigate, through a personal development session.

Come on the journey with us of living a better life through self improvement

Coaching & mentoring

Coaching & Mentoring


“Richard has been business coaching me for approximately a year now and has continued to provide me with knowledgeable, thorough, and helpful training sessions. I have been able to confidently take my learnings and apply them to my business environment, giving me the opportunity to upskill in my management role and learn new things. The coaching is always very targeted and appropriate, which helps to assist me in my day-to-day activities. I credit Richard for my successes, and look forward to continuing our coaching sessions.”

Danielle Ware

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Your   Journey.

Start your journey. Change your world.

Come on the Journey with us to find fulfilment, freedom and success.

Communication for us is one of life’s most essential skills. It creates confidence and builds trust, and it is a cornerstone in building healthy, beautiful relationships. No matter your role or place in life, we love inspiring and creating change that empowers you to achieve the same.

My dream is for everyone to have the opportunity to find freedom and success in all aspects of who they are and through every part of life.

You’re welcome to join us on that journey.

Ryan Harris - Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. INC. California USA

"Richard's support was amazing. His and Kelly's insight into personalities and how people think and behave has provided me with knowledge and awareness to move forward in confidence with my key leadership team."
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