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How I Help Others

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Coaching & Mentoring 

This process may be one of the most inspiring and encouraging journeys. In life we have the opportunity to learn from others, and I know that you can accelerate your success by aligning with someone who has the experience, wisdom and skills to help you on your journey.


We've 100's of success stories of those who've achieved far greater outcomes through our guidance. I love being the voice that helps others equip themselves with the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions and navigate their challenges.

Let me demonstrate the value of having me on your journey.

Jason Muir - Base Up - New Zealand.

"On a personal level, working with Richard has been greatly beneficial. His understanding of personal development and compassionate guidance have helped me navigate through challenges with confidence and clarity. Through thought-provoking conversations and tailored strategies, he has empowered me to set meaningful goals, cultivate a better mindset and approach certain situations with the tools to produce great outcomes."
Skill Trainig Services

Business Skills & Communication Training

It's a safe, encouraging journey of creating change. We know how to gently guide while generating energy and enthusiasm. Our sessions are active, fun and highly engaging. We've spent years mastering the skill of captivating and entertaining while working our way through life-changing strategies, skills and behaviours to generate new and better outcomes.

Our skills training covers a vast range of topics and skills to accelerate your outcomes in almost any area. Click below to view our next sessions that might be right for you.

Paula Price - Versatile - New Zealand.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Sales Training provided by Richard & Kelly.  Over the last 8 years, most of our sales team and franchisees underwent at least one or two of their programs with great results. Richard and Kelly demonstrate a deep understanding of sales techniques and strategies, tailoring their approach to suit the specific needs of our industry as well as the different learning styles of our people. The sessions are immensely practical with role-playing and real-world scenario’s keeping everyone engaged and enthusiastic whilst reinforcing learning.
DISC Servies

Extended DISC Assessment

Because our personality determines so much of who we are and how we interact with the world, the more you know and understand ‘yourself’, the more chance you have to align what you’re naturally good at to what you do and, therefore find greater success and fulfilment.

Not all assessments are equal. In fact, some are quite inaccurate, which is often the difference between free online or paying. Also, the expert and qualified debrief process provides years of experience and deep insight. And in this case, the cost is worth its weight in gold. 

Ryan Harris - Harris Personal Injury Lawyers. INC. California USA

"Richard's support was amazing. His and Kelly's insight into personalities and how people think and behave has provided me with knowledge and awareness to move forward in confidence with my key leadership team."

Dreaming Into Reality

I've been inspired and encouraged by other's success and have learned how to help people achieve theirs.


My skills enable me to gently guide you to ask questions of yourself that you may not have even considered. And then dig to a deeper level. These conversations highlight what's impotant to you and what you want from life. Then with this clarity, we create a pathway to achieve these aspirations and intentions. It's real, practical and empowering.

It's a motivating and enlightning journey that allows you to find more freedom in life. When you have clarity around what you want, what's important to you and how to achieve those, you live life with a strong sense of purpose. Purpose is motivating.

Stefan White - White Builders - New Zealand.

Richard opened my eyes after one meeting, so I promptly made the changes he pointed out. The following catch-up, we did a five-year goal-setting process, and after working with Richard once a month, I achieved my five-year goals in under a year.
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